Spectrum Concrete Updates

Tilt-Up Braces

By Jericho T. | July 6, 2023

We are happy to announce that we have new available stock of Tilt-Up braces! Coming in various sizes, we have restocked a limited amount of Tilt-Up braces for our customers to purchase for their upcoming projects. The following sizes have limited stock available: D-1, D-4, D-5, and D-12. In addition…

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Custom Metal Fabrication

By Jericho T. | July 20, 2022

Looking for custom metal fabrication? Look no further as Spectrum Concrete has you covered! We offer customers the opportunity to have custom metal fabrication products made to their specifications. From material bins and skip boxes to column forms and end plates, we are able to fabricate custom products in-house. We…

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Mid-Year Updates

By Jericho T. | June 22, 2022

As we are nearing the end of the first half of the year, Spectrum wanted to provide the industry with mid-year updates. Product Stock Updates Stock Snapties We recently restocked our supply of standard size Snapties. Varying in different lengths and end-lengths, we have popular sizes ready to ship. See…

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Wedge Form Tie

By Jericho T. | April 11, 2022

We currently have Wedge Form Ties in stock! Available in common sizes: 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″. We are able to manufacture custom sizes that fit your job site’s needs. Functionality A Wedge Tie is used to hold concrete formwork in place while concrete is being poured. Placing the tie…

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2022 Construction Outlook

By Jericho T. | March 16, 2022

Looking ahead into 2022 The outlook for construction progress in 2022 is looking bright. With higher vaccination rates and easing restrictions, start up dates for new projects are abundant across the United States. While there is an abundance of projects starting, there are still problems the construction industry needs to…

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Bridge Overhang Brackets

By Jericho T. | January 31, 2022

Have you ever wondered how freeway overpasses were constructed? The answer: Bridge Overhang Brackets Functionality Bridge Overhang Brackets are a necessity for the construction of bridge overhangs. Made from steel, Overhang Brackets are accompanied by plywood sheathing and timber joists for the main formwork construction prior to concrete pouring. The…

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New Years at Spectrum Concrete Products!

By Jericho T. | January 4, 2022

Happy New Years to you and your family! As we begin a new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the support of our loyal clients. We wouldn’t be here without you. We strive to provide our community with quality…

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Supply Chain Delays

By Jericho T. | December 6, 2021

Are you waiting for products to complete your project? As the nation is approaching holiday season, news about supply chain delays seems to be adding up everyday. From empty shelves in grocery stores, to department stores hoping to get merchandise before gift giving season, almost every industry is strained by…

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D-12 Braces

By Jericho T. | October 14, 2021

We currently have limited stock of Tilt-Up Braces, including the popular D-12 32′ Fixed Length Brace, which are available with extensions and couplers to accommodate any project. Moreover, our Tilt-Up Braces are assembled in-house at our warehouse located in Chino, California. Here, we piece together industry standard braces to accommodate…

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Coil Rod: Essential to Building

By Jericho T. | August 24, 2021

How is your Coil Rod stock looking? Coil Rod is a necessity when thinking about forming buildings and structures. When needing to connect other forming accessories together, threaded rod is a fundamental piece needed to complete the project. From Ties to Nut Washers, these accessories would be useless if it…

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