Spectrum Concrete Updates

Coil Rod: Essential to Building

By Jericho T. | August 24, 2021

How is your Coil Rod stock looking? Coil Rod is a necessity when thinking about forming buildings and structures. When needing to connect other forming accessories together, threaded rod is a fundamental piece needed to complete the project. From Ties to Nut Washers, these accessories would be useless if it…

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Building the Future: OC405

By Jericho T. | August 2, 2021

Are you one of the many people on this planet that hates sitting in traffic? If you are, you are not alone. OCTA has announced a renovation project of the I-405 freeway in Southern California that will translate into shorter commute times and additional lanes for daily SoCal commuters. Building…

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What are Snap Ties?

By Jericho T. | July 7, 2021

How does a Concrete Snap Tie work? Concrete Snap Ties are used for vertical concrete wall forming. When applied, the snap tie is used to resist lateral movement from fresh concrete. Most Snap ties include two 1″ plastic cones. The plastic cones set the wall dimension and cover the plywood…

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Living and Working with Covid-19

By pwsadmin | April 3, 2020

Today 4-3-2020 we learned that we need to start our day dawning facial coverings, while making sure to wash our hands (for 20 seconds) throughout our day, and to not shake hands while greeting a friend, customer or business acquaintance. To make this even weirder, having to accept the new…

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