Today 4-3-2020 we learned that we need to start our day dawning facial coverings, while making sure to wash our hands (for 20 seconds) throughout our day, and to not shake hands while greeting a friend, customer or business acquaintance. To make this even weirder, having to accept the new social requirement walking around in our newly acquired 6 foot bubble. Everything mentioned above applies not only to our personal lives, but in our work place as well. Sheesh!…. this all seems wrong being 58 years old, one that was taught to walk up to a person and greet them with a firm hand shake while looking them straight in the eyes, or seeing a friend, standing up and giving them a big ‘ole bear hug.

Well I guess when needed, an old dog can learn new tricks. I believe we all can and should for our own well being as well as for our families and co-workers. I was taught, don’t sweat the things in life you can’t control, and make damn sure that the things you can control are in order. We all should take a step back and look at whats going on around us, you might just smile. This crisis has brought out so much human kindness, it’s going on every-where, individuals and businesses stepping up trying to help all those in need, from families to front-line workers. My family has been a part of this helping out our neighbors, from providing basic needs to helping one of them totally get back on her feet after a scary bought with pneumonia . It wasn’t just of our own accord, my wife reached out to our community via social media and folks helped with cash and goods that were needed. All this has restored a lot of the lost faith we had in society. We live in a great nation, again there is proof of this as we all come together to help and volunteer, not only our time but of ourselves. Be safe everyone and take care.

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