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Services & Capabilities
Your ideas take shape with Spectrum.
Custom steel fabrication and specialty products for virtually any size project.
SPECTRUM provides fabrication and manufacturing of structural and forming steel products for all
of your concrete projects.  In our 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in the beautiful
city of Chino Hills, CA, we can custom manufacture to your exact specifications.  Specialty items for
projects ranging from bridgework and tilt-up to parking structures and water treatment plants.  Our
goal is to help you increase your productivity and profitability with every job.
SPECTRUM services include:

  • Welding - MIG, Stick, TIG, Stainless Steel, Stud

  • Saw, CNC Plasma & CNC Flame Cutting

  • Bending and Forming

  • Drilling and Multi Punching

  • Threading and Tapering

  • Plate Shearing and Rolling

  • Painting, Plating, & Coating

  • Reworking Your Damaged Parts
SPECTRUM Capabilities include:

SPECTRUM Combines experience with manufacturing expertise
to meet your exact specifications.  Every item is fabricated using
the highest quality materials and quality check throughout the
process.  Our constant goal is to surpass your expectations.  
We are fully committed to provide personalized customer service
that is unparalleled by any other company in our industry.

Spectrum has invested in the latest arc welding equipment.  
Combined with the experience and expertise of our certified
welding team.

Shearing, Punching and Bending
Spectrum offers shearing for pieces up to 12” thick and 12’ long,
and bending capabilities up to 10 ft from our 28-ton press to our
150-ton press.

Drilling & Cutting
Spectrum offers a choice of single-spindle drilling or the added
versatility of multi-spindle drilling for the ability to countersink,
ream or tap two or more holes in a single operation.  We have
on-site sawing capabilities up to a 14” x 13” throat.

Bending & Rolling
Spectrum has complete rolling capabilities to accurately form
virtually any part to meet your exact requirements.  We offer
plate rolling for pre-bends, fully hydraulic angle rolling, flat
rolling, pipe rolling and channel rolling.